Immigration Updates

April 2020

  • Changes made to the temporary visa program as part of the Australian government’s response to the COVID-19 crisis Read more
  • Addendum to April Newsletter - New 408 Visa Option for Temporary Visa Holders Unable to Leave Australia Read more

September 2019
  • Changes to regional migration set for November 2019 Read more

April 2019
  • Outline the major measures in the 2019-2020 Budget that will directly impact the users of the visa/sponsorship programs. Read more

Aug 2018
  • Implementation of the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) levy on 12 Aug 2018 Read more

June 2018
  • Final updates for this financial year and updates on changes for 1st July 2018. Read more

May 2018
  • SAF (or the Nomination Training Contribution Charge) has received Royal Assent. Read more

March 2018
  • Subclass 482 Temporary Skilled Shortage visa became a reality on midnight 18 March 2018 together with 26 legislative instruments in relation to primarily visa subclass 482, 186 and 187. In this s Amber Migration Newsletter, we outline the key features of visa subclass 482 and the changes that took place on 18 March 2018. Also, we would like to bring your attention to the Global Talent Scheme announced by Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs Minister on 18 March 2018. Read more

November 2017
  • In this Amber Migration Newsletter, we are pleased to advise DIBP has announced transitional arrangements enabling 457 visa holders and 457 visa applicants on 18 April 2017 to apply for permanent residence beyond March 2018. We also summarise news provided in DIBP’s latest E-news for migration advisers. Read more

July 2017
  • Outline the major measures in effect from 1 July as well as further, significant changes announced as part of the Government’s ongoing reform of the Skilled Migration programme. Read more

May 2017
  • Outline the major measures in the 2017-2018 Budget that will directly impact the users of the visa/sponsorship programs. Also summarise the Government’s proposed Citizenship reforms. Read more

April 2017
  • Summary of Government’s staged changes to the employer-sponsored skilled migration program (including 457, 186 and 187 visas). Read more
  • Major reforms to the employer sponsored migration visa program (including visa subclass 457) Read more

November 2016
  • In this Newsletter, we confirm the 8107 Condition change and Temporary Activity Visa framework became law on 19 November 2016. Other changes that happened on the same day included a revised definition of “Member of the Family Unit” and additional requirements for Partner and Prospective Marriage visa applications. Read more

October 2016
  • In this Newsletter, we summarise the changes that have been proposed by DIBP subject to approval by the Governor General. Also, we share some special circumstances that would warrant the grant of a priority allocation request by the 457 Section of the Department of Immigration & Border Protection. Read more

June 2016
  • In this Immigration Update, we summarise a couple of major 457 initiatives to be introduced by DIBP on 1 July 2016. These include:
    • the new sponsorship accreditation arrangements; and
    • the tiered processing arrangements. Also, we discuss DIBP’s recent clarification of the genuineness requirement for a 457 nomination application.
    Read more

April 2016
  • In this Immigration Update, we summarise the changes that have been made or are expected to be made by DIBP to the 457 and other visa categories. If you are an approved business sponsor, this newsletter also reminds you of the need to comply with DIBP’s training requirements. Read more

July 2015
  • In this Immigration Update, we summarise the following changes that started from 1 July:
    • New DIBP website;
    • Visa application charges increased;
    • Occupations adjusted in SOL and CSOL;
    • Eligible medical practitioners in regional Australia - Age Exemptions ;
    • Ministers of Religion - Only through labour agreements; and
    • New complying investment framework for SIV and launch of PIV
    Read more

June 2015
  • The Department of Immigration & Border Protection has implemented a few of the 457 reform recommendations, which are outlined in this Newsletter. Visa application fees will increase on 1 July 2015, with percentage increase ranging from CPI 2.3% to 50%. Read more

April 2015
  • In this Immigration Update, we summarise the Department of Immigration (DIBP)’s recent response to the recommendations of the Independent Review into the integrity of the subclass 457 program. Most of the recommendations have been supported by the Government and will be implemented within the next six months. Some will require further consultation and would not be implemented until 2016. Read more

March 2015
  • The Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP) plans to introduce a new temporary entry visa for international workers and 400 visa series review. We also discuss the recent fee increase to Partner Visa Applications, proposed changes to Significant Investor Visa (SIV). Read more
  • 澳洲政府将在今年7月1号对显赫投资者签证类别(SIV)进行改革。建议改革里面包括在澳居住要求以及关于政府认可的投资產品。 政府正在进行第二阶段的咨询工作。这些改革一旦成为法例估计会减少SIV签证类别的吸引力,并且对某些基金产品会有相当的影响。 Read more

September 2014
  • This Immigration Update outlines the 22 recommendations made on 10 September 2014 by an independent panel commissioned by the Assistant Immigration Minister to consider the integrity of, and potential improvements to the 457 programme. Read more

August 2014
  • In August 2014, the Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the Hon Senator Michaelia Cash, made the following announcements on the 457 Visa program.
  • On July 1 2014, there were updates on SOL (the Skilled Occupations List for independent migration and company sponsored visas) and CSOL (the Skilled Occupations List for company sponsored visas). Read more

March 2014
  • From 24 March 2014 there will be improvement to the eMedical Client and My Health Declarations online application process. The change will automate the re-use of any health examination completed by the visa applicant within the last 12 months provided the examinations are valid and not subject to any health undertaking. Read more

November 2013
  • The much talked about Labour Marketing Testing (LMT) requirement will commence on 23 November 2013 and apply to 457 Nomination applications concerning primarily Engineering, Nursing and Trade occupations. Read more

March 2013
  • On 12 March 2013, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship announced a simplification to the Visitor Visa framework and standardising requirements, effective 23 March 2013. On 18 March 2013, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship and Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations made a joint announcement on consolidating inspection powers for the Fair Work Ombudsman to act upon unscrupulous 457 employers. Read more

February 2013
  • On 23 February 2013, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship announced a series of reforms to enhance the integrity of the Subclass 457 program. These changes are designed to protect Australian labour market and will be introduced on 1 July 2013. Read more

November 2012
  • The Significant Investor visa, a new stream within the Business Innovation and Investment Program (Subclass 188 and Subclass 888) opened for applications on 24 November 2012. Read more
  • 澳大利亚移民部在2012年11月24日启动新的500万大额投资者签证,作为澳大利亚商业创新和投资(临居188类别)签证和商业创新和投资(永居888类别)签证的一部分。阅读更多

September 2012
  • Towards the end of 2012, parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents will be able to apply for Tourist visas to visit Australia for longer.Read more
  • 2012年底,澳洲公民和永久居民的父母可以申请更长有效期的旅游签证。阅读更多

July 2012
  • From 1 July 2012 the Business Skills Program has been replaced by the Business Innovation and Investment Program. The new program includes some key reforms recommended by a program review conducted by the government in 2011. We have enclosed a summary of the new program requirements for your general information. The Significant Investor Visa is expected to be introduced by the end of 2012. We will let you know when we know more about this much-talked-about A$5 million visa category. In the meantime, if you have any questions concerning this new Program, please contact us. Read more
  • With reference to our Updates in March, we have prepared a summary of the new Employer Nomination Scheme and Regional Skilled Migration Scheme requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning these new visas. Read more

March 2012

  • Permanent Employer-Sponsored Visa Program Reforms to be introduced on 1 July 2012. Read more

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  • Changes made to the temporary visa program as part of the Australian government’s response to the COVID-19 crisis
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